De Sica al cinema playlist

De Sica in the movies

The 1930s were very important for the development of Vittorio De Sica's career as a screen actor. In that decade, he established himself as a brilliant young actor, thanks above all to three directors he worked with on more than one occasion: Mario Camerini, Amleto Palermi and Mario Mattoli. At the same time, his career as a singer was shaping up, given that, in those movies, De Sica often sang one or more songs in a voice that was not particularly powerful but extremely gracious and tuneful. It was perfect for the roles he played and, as he gradually gained experience, he had more leeway to move towards a decidedly pleasing recitar cantando, a hybrid between speech and singing. And how could it be otherwise, since this was an actor who also transferred the mechanisms of acting to singing. His role as a singer was fully consecrated, as we know, from the beginning of his screen career, when De Sica was directed by Mario Camerini in What Scroundrels Men are... in 1932. And it was from the screen that he sang the famous Parlami d'amore Mariù, music by Cesare Andrea Bixio and lyrics by Ennio Neri, which became more popular than the film itself, a super-classic of Italian song. Below is a list of the films in which the songs in this playlist were originally included.


01. What Scroundrels Men are...  - Mario Camerini, 1932

02. The Song of the Sun - Max Neufeld, 1933

03. La segretaria per tutti  -  Amleto Palermi, 1933

04. Full Speed – Mario Mattoli, 1934

05. Full Speed – Mario Mattoli, 1934

06. I Love You Only – Mario Mattoli, 1935

07. I Don’t Know You Anymore (with Elsa Merlini) -  Nunzio Malasoma, 1936

08. I Don’t Know You Anymore (with Elsa Merlini) -  Nunzio Malasoma, 1936

09. These Children -  Mario Mattoli, 1937

10. These Children -  Mario Mattoli, 1937

11. They’ve Kidnapped a Man – Gennaro Righelli, 1938

12. They’ve Kidnapped a Man – Gennaro Righelli, 1938

13. The Two Mothers -  Amleto Palermi, 1938

14. Castles in the Air -  Augusto Genina, 1939

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